Legal consequences of mapping in India

Well it seems mapping in India by individuals or unauthorised people/instituitions etc may not be allowed under the country’s guidelines.

Delhi Police probing Google’s map contest
Citizens of the country, who are ignorant of the legal consequences, are likely to violate the law of the land,” the Survey of India wrote in its complaint filed at the RK Puram police station on March 25, 2013.

Details at:

I wasnt aware of this. Having read this, I am going to stop contributing until I am clear on the laws. I love my country and don’t want to do anything that the law doesn’t allow.

And what about That’s a commercial company mapping in India.
My impression is that some guy just wants to receive some bribes from Google. Shame on Indian corruption!

Uh, what is this?

I just came back from a holiday trip to nothern India and I find it my duty to bring at least some of the sacred buddhist places to OSM.

This reminds me of my first trip to India in 1994. We were told not to take any photographs of Howrah Bridge in Kalkutta because this was illegal.
However, all the shops nearby kept plenty of photographic postcards from the same Howrah Bridge.

true. but I would rather wait for the outcome of Google’s public mapping contest and the Delhi police probe.