Leaflet js customized style

I edited A map using this website, i click edit, top left of the website and do few adjustments after saving, I do not know how not know how to use the map I edited in leaflet,js, any help is appreciated. I am a student and new on using leaflet.js


Iā€™m afraid there is a misunderstanding. When you edit on openstreetmap.org, you change the global database for everyone !

In this case it seems that you deleted valuable information that others have added. I think your changes will be reverted, ideally by someone who knows the place.

For reference, here is the relevant changeset.

If you want a custom map, you can use tools like umap or facilmap, but these tools are more to overlay your own data on top of a standard OSM rendering.

If you need some less cluttered basemap, there are a lot of different styles based on osm data. You can check this page to get some information.