Leaflet headless offline

Hello all,

I try to create a png from osm with on center the position (lat, lon) of my airplane, the lat long come from an rpi
i wish to create on-the-fly a png with tile and position of my aiplane … without network

i can use locally osm ? with a local (rpi) copy of tile
i need to create image headless (without UI) because a script generate the chart

Someone can help me ?

Have you looked at MapsForge? It’s a library to render maps on-the-fly, offline, from space-efficient vector files which are compiled periodically from OSM data.

Various phone apps use it to support wilderness hiking (no signal).

Many thanks @Viajero Perdido but the project can used headless ? with, for example with a node/shell/python script + lat/lon/zoom to ghenerate a png opn-the-fly ? i seen especiially for mobile phone … me its for an RpI