layers with Oregon 450


I had a Colorado 300 but it get broken (the USB-socket) and the Garmin support offered me the Oregon 450. There is one difference that bothers me:

I create my owm Maps with mkgmap with different layers like the All-In-One. On the Garmin device I have diefferent profiles for different purposes. In each profile different layers are activated.

When I copy a new img-file (same file-name, same IDs) to the Oregon, the device “forgets” the adjustments and displays all layers in all profiles.

Any idea how to fix it/work around this?


Although I can’t give you an answer the following site (see FAQ) I’ve found very useful:

I think that behavior is normal for Garmin GPS. Every new or upgraded map starts activated.

Do you know how the garmin device recognize, that this is a new map? Is it the size? Maybe you could blow up the gmapsupp.img to a specific size a and each new map will have the same size.