Latest schema

I am trying to set up a copy of the OSM database so that I can do some route analysis work. I just data local to Edinburgh so I am using a UK extract available here;-

I hope to have access to a Unix system in the future but for now I am stuck with Windows. For various reasons Postregsql is hard to use so I am trying to use MySQL.

My problem is that I can’t access the database schema that I need. I have followed the link from this page to the schema here;-

However this fails as the schema referenced above is version 11 and the extracted data follows schema version 16.

Question: How can I get hold of an up-to-date copy of the schema?


I would try to post on the dev mailing list.

It won’t solve this specfic problem, but I would say if you know Unix and are comfartable with it I would try to use that instead, install a VM or something. There are almost no developers working on Windows tools, so it makes life harder.