Last XAPI Server down or very very slow

now seems to be down or to slow (2 min timeout).

and in the server status page: Currently serving data as at 0.5 cut-off. 0.6 service will start shortly.

does anybody knows when will be available?

thanks, johannes

The one at telascience has always, AFAIK, been the primary quick XAPI server. The one at is on a slowish server IIRC.

Thanks for the answer. Anyhow it would be nice if there were at least one server for backup. At the moment telascience seems to be down again.
Greetings, Johannes

I agree but as I understand it XAPI servers are pretty intense things.

It would be cool if someone could make an Amazon Machine Image for a XAPI server, it would allow people to set their own up. Just a pipe dream I have. :slight_smile: