Larger house numbers

Hi, I’m quite new as a user of OpenStreetMap in combination with Leaflet.

I would like to know if it is possible to display larger house numbers when you zoom in (e.g. zoomlevel 17+).
And if it’s possible, any clue on how to set this up is very helpful!

I’m driving a car to do deliveries and have my position displayed on the map. When it’s difficult to find the house (e.g. when it’s dark) I can see the house numbers on the map. Problem is they are so tiny I can hardly see them.

So you have a display of the standars OSM tiles like they are on, via leafletjs?

On what device / Hardware?

If you use something like or Organic Maps (and possibly OSMAnd) you can change the display font. Unfortunately the base map font size is baked in (the map is just a set of images), so you if you are using that you probably need to make use of one of the other apps too.

PS. Great that you find OSM useful. Yours is a very interesting need, although we already know that delivery drivers and taxi drivers find the extra information in OSM invaluable compared with other maps.


I’ve tested it succesfully on Windows PC, iBook, iPhone, iPad, Samsung tablet. (so I suppose anything :slight_smile: )
(If that is the information what you’re looking for)

It’s a web app I developed myself.



I already suspected that… but you never know he!

But thanks anyway!

Hi wevens,

in Leaflet you can achieve this if you use tiles with 512px tilesize.

See the example here: (also look at the source code, via Ctrl+U in your browser):

You set the tileSize to 512 and zoomOffset to -1 in the TileLayer declaration and "mis"use a retina raster tile that comes with a 512px tilesize (see here ).

Hi Spiekerooger,

I Tried your suggestion and it works!
The map becomes a bit more blurry, but it’s worth the try.

Thank you!

Hi Wevens,

are you using the original openstreetmap tiles (that is https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png as TileLayer in LeafletJS)?

If yes, those aren’t made for this hack, as the tiles delivered by are only 256px times 256px in size. And as raster pngs they become blurry while being scaled to 512px.

So you should try this with a tile that is 512px times 512px in it’s origin size.

For comparison:

a) 256px origin size tile in 512px hack:

b) 512px origin size tile in 512px hack:

Does your map look more like a) or b) ?


Yes, I still use the original OSM tiles. Map looks like a).
I tried to use the tiles from rapidapi. I got my free apikey, but when I use that, I get error messages "Failed to load resource: server responded with a status 429 (too many requests) or 429 (Forbidden).
Maybe it’s because I’m working from localhost currently. Don’t know…

Ha! I wasn’t subscribed yet :/. Now it works perfect!

Thanks for your support!