large polygon has mysteriously disappeared off map

could someone correct the problem as appears on the link where a large area of green/bush/trees that surrounds a creek has been removed from the osm map.
I hope it wasn’t me that caused it but I did try to correct a multi-polygon area earlier today, but this was near the olive and green square areas on the left of the area. The area that has gone is a large swathe of green from Anzac Avenue in the se to the nw where Boundary takes a turn and leaves the map in the north and is not the area I was editing in as far as I know.
The removed polygon/multipolygon bounds need to be retained I think and would be difficult to be reinstated by me.
I had a look using owl ( but not familiar with how to use or how to investigate this problem.
See below…
The Mapnik map is missing the area as is the main OSM but it can still be seen in the other 3 images on Geofabic, Google map and sat pic.

I repaired the MP which was not closed.

Thanks Chris :smiley:
I was having a look at the history from the osm page and noticed you were in the area.
I will read up on the multi-polygons as I did notice that the boundary of this area seemed to be locked onto a roundabout a few days ago.