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If I understand correctly, in my OSM account setting, I can set which language to use search and which language to use later when displaying names of feature in OSM search result. But why even after I put zh-Hant as a higher priority language over zh, it is still outputting name:zh value instead of name:zh-Hant value in search results for features that have both keys? For example: is being displayed like the pic below.

As a reference my current language setting order is this:

zh-HK zh-hk zh-Hant zh-hant zh-TW zh-tw zh zh-yue yue zh-classical lzh ja-Hani ko-Hani ko_hanja vi-Hani ja-hani ko-hani vi-hani en-HK en-hk en-SG en-sg en-GB en-gb en-US en-us en ja