Landuse within a college boundary

My question relates specifically to tagging college grounds but I suppose it applies in general to multiple uses, especially schools.

The York College of Law is here:

The grounds are private and clearly defined by a hedge that runs all around. The building itself (and its car park) sit basically within a grassy field and take up a relatively small proportion of the area. You wouldn’t really call it a campus.

Amenity=college renders an area as a pale khaki colour in mapnik and a rather striking lilac in Osmarender, but landuse=grass renders green in both.

How do I tag the area?

I think my options are:

  • Tag the area as landuse=grass and add a node amenity=college roughly where the building is. It’s not all grass though, obviously.

  • Tag the area as amenity=college only and lose the fact it’s mostly grass

  • Tag the area as both amenity=college and landuse=grass and let the renderer decide what colour to make it

Any other suggestions?

I’m also going to cross-post this on the mailing lists as they seem to be more active.


I usually tag the whole area as amenity=college, try define the buildings with building=yes and for car parks, grassy bits, sports pitches etc. use an appropriate tag. Obviously its possible for some of these to have shared boundaries. The advantage is that a) you retain information as to what areas are dedicated to education; b) which areas are green; and c) which areas are both green and public open space.

That’s what I was thinking too, but with it being private although I can see the building and the car park I can’t get close enough to map them without trespassing - it’s a law college, would you risk it?? :wink: