"landuse: harbour" not rendered

I’ve tagged Casablanca’s harbour with “landuse: harbour” as per the wiki’s instructions. However, the area is not displayed with a different color. So I tried playing around, and changed that to “harbour; industrial” in the hope that the renderer would pick the “industrial” part (don’t know if that would ever happen…)

This is happening in Mapnik (haven’t checked Osmarender before applying the industrial tag though, so can’t tell if it worked then).

Question: how should I map a harbour, so that it gets displayed on the map (preferably as an industrial area)?

You tagged way 58216381 as a combination of “landuse=harbour;industrial”. Combinations are not supported by any renderer.

The problem is that things in the Wiki and what gets rendered are 2 different things. People can use any tags they like and the renderers can choose what to render (or not) as well - there is no link necessarily between the two.

This wiki article is not particularly clear, it refers to harbour:type as the tag but harbour “categories” elsewhere.

So you can do one of 2 things:
1 Tag it landuse=harbour harbour:type=container (or whatever) and raise a request to render it as a different colour
2 Tag the landuse as industrial and use a node to tag that’s it’s a harbour

Also ask your question on the Tagging email list, there’s a lot more activity there and they will give you other (and probably better!) suggestions. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mailing_lists


@PHerison: As the single “landuse: harbour” did not render, I tried the combination, not knowing if it would work or not (that’s the “I tried playing around” bit in my message :wink: ) I’ve removed the second tag.

@Seventy7: Thanks for the options. I would prefer to leave it as “landuse=harbour” to keep the tagging data as correct as possible, and not tag for rendering. I’ll post to the mailing list (thanks for pointing that out!)