Landsat wms not working in JOSM.


I’ve had trouble loading Landsat imagery via the wms plugin in JOSM in the last few days; it used to work fine at least about a week ago. No error messages are displayed and I’m using the latest version of JOSM. Oh, and e.g. Yahoo aerial images load fine (or, where I’m interested load the “no images available here” pictures ok, which is why I’m trying Landsat).

Anyone else having problems, or is it just me?

At the moment I’m also dowloading 260M Landsat tile and trying to see if I could load it locally to JOSM, is this possible?

Here’s a quote from the mailinglist about this:

Ok, thanks for the answer. I hadn’t seen that post in my google searches. Thanks also for moving the post for a more appropriate location.

It seems that (e.g.?) Open Aerial Map hosts some Landsat data themselves, in addition to possible open aerial maps :wink: , and that you can pull the maps from there just by adding their wms to the JOSM plugin.

Using OpenAerialMap for OpenStreetMap has its issues as well. Personally I map only using a GPSr and try to stay clear of any aerial mapping.

I too use GPS tracks for all the roads, etc, but Landsat has a sufficient resolution to pretty precisely map different landuses, mainly patches of forest, farmland and the like so no fuzzy extrapolation or huge amount of note-taking is needed.

I read the OAM page also and attribution to them, I understood, is needed when one uses their data (even the Landsat images they host? Landsat is public domain, is it not?). I suppose the source tag is sufficient?

Is there any way to get the satellite images back? I can not map shorelines without these images!

Afaik no. I guess you’re going to have to start mapping something else :wink:

Do the Open Aerial Map Landsat tiles not work for you? You do need to add their wms address to the JOSM wms plugin to make it work, but this procedure is described in their wiki. Have you noticed that you can also save the downloaded tiles in JOSM and use them later from your own machine.

I have not yet found a way to use the tiles from NASAs (non-volatile-wms) Landsat site directly on JOSM, though. This should be possible somehow, shouldn’t it.