Land use maps

My question is It is possible to create a land use map in Open Street Maps, what do I need to create it? Another question, I can calculate the surface of different land use with OSM?

Short answer:

Long answer: OSM is a land use map, and also many other sorts of map, all rolled into one. What you are really asking about, I think is how to render a 2D image coding the landuse. I’m pretty sure there will be other examples, apart from that above, but the most general answer is that you must install one of the sets of rendering tools on a machine you control and customise it for the specific features you want to display, and how you want them displayed. See

As with all things OSM, the degree of details will vary greatly from place to place, and you will find a lot of abuse of things like landuse=forest because someone wanted trees to appear on the standard rendered map (similarly for grass features).