Lamp_type tagged versus wiki documented

A mapper was proposing to do away with street_lamp and replace it with light_source, came across a little seating area with an old and classic shaped ‘incandescent’,

(borrowed from oogle maps as I forgot to take a pic while surveying and scaling ruins abound, many passages barriered due risk of falling brick, a circular bench in good state and an olive tree at heart to offer a branch when needing one, lamp right up the wall, incandescent)

Low and behold though the JOSM preset was only offering ‘electric’. Maybe still places that light the outdoors with candles and oil lamps?

The Top 10 per TagInfo excluding solar lamps at nr 11, whatever that is (lamp with solar panel… seen street_lamp with a panel in the country and probably a battery charged during daytime). Nr 10 as SON (?), discussions of LED (an acronym) versus led as word.


But then jogging the old and slow memory, the wiki … no electric but yes indeed ‘incandescent’ at the top and how coincidental someone changed LED to led, so why are we talking about that?

Consistency and constants… why there is light_source v light:source when there’s light:count:light:tilt light:direction light:method and a few more light:* rather than light_

Anyway 2 days after TGIF, a (big) courier made a delivery today at 2 PM, second time today scatching me head, documenting things one way, doing it another. Whoever has the overarching power, please fix the lamp type in accordance with documented consensus, I came well after.

I don’t understand what you are complaining. lamp_type= is from =street_lamp . light_source= is a newer proposal for a feature that doesn’t have to be a “street light” , and light:*= are attributes. Others are explained below. Key:lamp_type - OpenStreetMap Wiki