Lamp post EV charge points

How, if at all, are people mapping and tagging lamp post EV charge points? Siemens and Ubitricity offer these charging points, however after reading tag:amenity=charging_station and tag:highway=street_lamp, I couldn’t find any discussion or examples on how to map and tag these.

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There’s an example here: Node History: ‪suby1100005693‬ (‪9805375936‬) | OpenStreetMap

But I think I basically had the same question, hence the “description” tag.

I think a good way is this combination:

  1. node: highway=street_lamp
  2. node: amenity=charging_station + (support=street_furniture:street_lamp or support=street_lamp)

If they are mapped close together, future renderers will know that the charger is on the street lamp.


Is there an issue with tagging the street light and charging station on the same node?

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There could be some tag conflicts, for example ref=*. You could also have a power pole that has a lamp attached, and a charging station. Then you would have 3 nodes, and all 3 could have their own ref=*.

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I see, that makes sense.

This situation was targeted by Relations/Proposed/Node - OpenStreetMap Wiki
That being said, another problem is whether individual chargers should be a =charging_station on its own. For comparison, in carparks, =parking_space is used for individual spots, rather than =parking. This have been discussed for fuel pumps at amenity=fuel (relatedly there is a dubious labeling of of =vending_machine + vending=fuel as “gas pump” in iD); and electric sockets which are not =device_charing_station ( power_supply=yes is the attribute of a feature).
For the latter, if power=outlet is accepted, the =charging_station could instead be on the line of poles. Yet another question is whether the =charging_station should be in between (as point) or cover the parking spot (as area) as in other larger charging facilities, and how does it interacts with =parking + parking=street_side.

This is a solution for a charger on a pole, but not for a lamp, because a lamp is usually off-centre from pole.

That’s a valid concern. Years ago, charging stations were rare, and it made sense to treat them like fuel stations. But when the time comes that every pole on a parking lot has a charger, that’s something completely different. We should either create a new tag for a big charging station with superchargers and a shop, or a new tag for each outlet.

I think you don’t need a amenity=charging_station tag for the parking lot, if you use power=outlet. You just add the same operator=* on all of them.