Lambertus Garmin image files not working in BaseCamp

I downloaded

And when I opened BaseCamp 4.2.5, it would not “see” the image file (Not listed as a mapset)

Can I copy these directly to my GPS (Montana 600) or do I need to ‘filter’ them somehow?


The .img files are in the format that the GPS devices themselves use. As best I can tell, that series of downloads is not provided in the correct format for Basecamp (only in the GPS format). With that said, BaseCamp should see the maps when your GPS with those maps installed is plugged in to the computer.

If LAMBERTUS is offering GARMIN maps from OSM data, then BaseCamp 4.3.4 should be able to SEE his IMAGE file just fine.
I have been using BEN Konrath’s image files and they work just fine with basecamp.

If you put the image file on an SD memory card located within a /Garmin folder, BaseCamp will think it is a GPS and load those maps when it opens.

I ask the question to LAMBERTUS (moderator?). Why are your Garmin Image files not recognized by BaseCamp 4.3.4 ?

BaseCamp will see the .img file from LAMBERTUS. You need to put them in a Garmin directory that is off the root directory of a card. It can be a SD card, USB stick etc. Or if the GPS is plugged into the computer BaseCamps will see any maps on it. I use BaseCamp 4.3.4 and have no problems with LAMBERTUS maps on a USB stick.

What is the exact name of your Lamburtus imgae file

I do have it on an SD card under /Garmin folder

When I open BaseCamp 4.3.4 it detects the Lamburtus file and does an inital load then it disappears and I do not see it as an available mapset to choose from

What is the EXACT name you are using on you USB drive?

One of them is gmapsupp.img this is the default name. I also have one I renamed bikemap.img so I can have more than 1 map on the same USB drive. You can rename them any name will work as long as it has the .img extension. In BaseCamp select it under maps. The name can change based on the option you chose when you requested the map if you chose “Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite)” it will be listed as “Openfietsmap Lite” or if you chose “Generic Routable (new style)” it will be listed as “OSM generic routable new (…)” it will have information in () about the map and date it was made etc. Depending on the Garmin GPS you have you may or may not be able to rename the file you put on it. On the newer units you can rename it to anything .img and put more then one map on it but with the older units it must be gmapsupp.img and you can only put on one map at a time.

have you ever downloaded a map from

These maps do not seem to work in basecamp.

Where is the website you are getting your Lambertus maps from ?

Sorry I didn’t see your post. I tried downloading maps from you link yesterday. You are correct they don’t seem to work. I sent an email to the Talk US list. Hopefully I get a reply. If I get an answer I will post it here. I have been getting maps from They work with no problem. I was hoping to get a map from the link you have so I can have the complete US map in 1 file.

Thanks for the Reply,

The Lamburtus file worked in BaseCamp.

Too bad UNPAVED roads look like PAVED roads. (both in BaseCamp and my Garmin Montana 600)

The 1-Way PATHS have a nice linetype with Arrows to show direction.

If you use Openfietsmap Lite map from it will display gravel roads as dashed lines and has other things that are better for use with a bike.