Lake not redering"

A lake created on JOSM is not redering

Are the tags wrong?

The primary tag is natural=water.

Hi, There is a new tagging schema for surface water.

In the problem area there are several mistakes with the tagging regarding multipolygons, in general the tags should be removed from all of the ways and placed in the relation/multipolygon. Also I wonder why there are two lakes, one within another, and are they islands within the inner lake, (doesn’t look like so in the Bing image)?


The lake is not a natural lake, but a reservoir behind a dam.

The lake within the lake is a wrong earlier drawing. I built the outside lake in JOSM, but because of the 2000 nodes limit was having problems uploading it.

I have added natural=water but doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas how I can fix this?

on the satellite image I only see one water area, not three.

So, one area with tags landuse=reservoir and/or natural=water should be sufficient.

Sidenote: The forest should also be adjusted to go around the reservoir.


I am sorry but I don’t understand.

Since the JOSM file had over 2000 nodes, I couldn’t upload it without splitting it, and uploading as multi polygons.

So, since there are at least two ways, how do i select both, call it one multi polygon, and tag it as reservoir/water in Potlatch2?

See the building example in
In you case you will have two members in the relation and both will have a role “outer”.

I’m not using Potlatch (but JOSM) so I can’t give any tips for P2.

I just say that 2 of the 3 multipolygons should be deleted and the one remaining should have the tags I listed.

I tried, but can’t seem to get it. can someone help?

Hello parambyte,

I have no idea how to make the corrections in Potlatch2 so now might be a good time for you to try JOSM. After a very short time you’ll find JOSM to be better than Potlatch.
Anyway the process for JOSM is as follows :-
Select/highlight multipolygon relation 3296162, delete it.
Select/highlight multipolygon relation 3296178, delete it.

Western section/way of the water.
Select/highlight way 243806592, delete it.
Select/highlight way 243808913 tag it as follows :-
name=Nira Deoghar natural=water water=reservoir

Eastern section/way of the water.
Select/highlight way 243806579, delete it.
Select/highlight way 243808912 tag it as follows :-
name=Nira Deoghar natural=water water=reservoir

Select/highlight both ways (halfs of the water, ways 243808913 and 243808912) create Multipolygon.
In JOSM the tags are passed over to the relation.

I can do the above for you if you wish. This will still leave the inner lake and forest area to resolve.