Lake Murray missing?

Can anyone tell me why Lake Murray, which is just West of Columbia SC, is displayed fine when you go to the site (android and PC), but missing from the free download, using Mapfactor Navigator? Lake Murray is a huge Lake at 79 square miles. We are here now, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

The last time Lake Murray was edited was 6 months ago (

So my guess would be that there is an error in the workflow of Mapfactor to produce the map for the app.
Did you try to contact them ?

Yes I did, I have posted this question over there as well.

FYI - there were 2 uncommented edits on Lake Murray today. The end result seems OK, but I haven’t micro-analyzed it to see what was done.

Looks like someone might have updated a few areas of the map, but the entire lake still does not display. Very odd.

Most people don’t update map tiles, or alternative map database formats, more than once a week. Many a lot less frequently than that. Mapfactor could be months out of date.

The only map that is truly up to date is that which can be fetched from using the OSM API. Even some of the standard layer tiles on can be days old.