lack of roads

In the map of Athens there are enough areas and roads that you haven’t cover yet.
Also, there are enough areas and roads that don’t have titles.
Will you cover that in the near future?

If you need any help from me, let me know.

We would love help, if you map it you are part of Openstreetmap. Since there are so many streets unnamed in Athens, the easiest way would be for you to take some walks around the city and writing down names. The names are very important to Openstreetmap.

After names you can do this:

  • are the streets oneway.
  • information for pedistrants and cyclists (like stairs, footpaths) etc.

Just creata an account login and edit here:

Ask here if you need any help at all.

Me and I think everyone here can take information for the titles and the streets from google maps where there are all the streets with their names.
Just tell me where and how can i write the names.

Moreover there aren’t some streets on the map of openstreetmap at all.
How can we add them?

Don’t copy from google maps**

It’s not allowed to copy information from existent maps, see Copyright info on Openstreetmap site.

There is a beginners manual (which sucks) and Map making overview which verbose.

basically it’s like this:

  1. Find a place to edit
  2. click edit
  3. press “Test map making” or something similar, this means you can test the app before making changes to our map
  4. click any line, it will light up in yellow + small red dots
  5. press ‘+’ sign in bottom right corner, then write: name and then fill in the name beside it.

Don’t copy from google maps**

Oh, sorry i didn’t know that it’s not allowed.

I will try to help you to cover some other roads.

Great, I hope you’ll have fun. Making a map to grow is wonderful.