labelling buildings by using "addr:housenumber" fails

Hi everyone,

I am recently trying to label buildings in a SLD using OSM data in OpenLayers via PostGIS and Geoserver.
I get a map preview by using the Geoserver Layer Preview.

I type ogc:PropertyNameaddr:housenumber</ogc:PropertyName> to the right place within the SLD - and nothing works. When I replace “addr:housenumber” by “name”, the names of the buildings are shown in the map … but why doesn’t this work with the hosuenumbers?

I’d be glad if someone could help me … thank you so much in advance for any help!
(And I aplogize if this question appears a bit stupid …)


Now ! can answer my question by myself …

My SLD is written in XML and XML has a syntactic problem with “addr:housenumber”. We added a new column to the “osm_planet_polygon”-view and named it “addr_housenumber”. With “addr_housenumber” added to the SLD, the housenumbers appeared …