Kwadeplasstraat 24 26 28 and 30 is missing because of a streetsegment


Can somone help?

Kwadelindekensweg has become kwadeplasstraat (kwadeplasstraat has been extended in 2008)

My pointer (see my comment on the map itself when you lookup the street) shows a small passage that has also become kwadeplasstraat (it has house numbers 24,24a,26,28 and 30)

Can somone adapt the streets?

On google maps the streets are already correct:,4.3472353,20z/data=!4m3!3m2!1s0x47c3cfa1636c9c1f:0xdc41c7905cd859f4!4b1?hl=nl

I’m willing to change it, but according to AGIV, the street is still named Kwadelindekensweg. So without visiting the place myself, I’m hesitant to do it right away. Although I can see from the house numbering in AGIV that the houses there do belong to the Kwadeplasstraat.