Kurdish translation of the iD editor

Hello, The Kurdish translations (“ku”) aren’t visible on OSM. On the other hand, I see others translations that aren’t “ku”. How can this be corrected?

The Kurdish messages (“ku”) are translated here (“ku-latn”) on translatewiki.net (see also LanguageStats/ku-latn)

Thank you in advance!

If the translation is very recent (< 3 days) then it simply hasn’t been pushed to the OSM repo by the folks at translatewiki see https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/tree/master/config/locales If it is older then you would need to contact translatewiki and ask them to fix whatever is broken.

Incidentally, I would have treated way and changeset as loan words. Although they are loosely derived from English words, they are really technical terms coined for OpenStreetMap. I suspect an element of political language purity is overriding the ability to talk to other OSM users. Whilst I don’t know the meanings of the translations, way, in particular, could cause confusion because of different connotations of the words from which the technical term has been derived.

Thanks for the link! Although the file “ku.yml” does not appear in file “…/config/locales”: a file has been created here (…/vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ku.json). And so it is this translation (which is in sorani language “ckb” which use Arabic letters) that appears in the interface. This file must be normally renamed to “ckb.json”. The code “ku” is used for the Latin scritp (see).
And where are these translations made?

I also add on OSM the local names in Kurdish. When editing, the fact of choosing in the options the Kurdish language “ku” also allows me to see directly the places that have been translated.

After checking the file must not be renamed, and the translation must be done here: https://www.transifex.com/ideditor/id-editor/language/ku/ for “ku.json” => see transifex.

For those interested: Currently, for your translations to be exported (those translated on “translatewiki.net”) at least 35% of your messages must be translated.

I would suggest changing the title of the thread as it is very misleading. It is not about the OSM interface it is about the Kurdish translation of the iD editor.

No problem you can put the title you wish…

Only you or a moderator can do that.