Km to Miles.

Can anyone tell me how to change from Km to Miles in the shopping area map. I’ve been all over FB and they do not answer questions I’ve had on the topic, thanks Bob.

I’m guessing that by “FB” you mean Facebook, but it’s still not really obvious which map you’re asking about here. Is it a map at a website or in an app? If so, you’ll need to provide a bit more detail which one, what you’re looking for and whereabouts in the website/app the problem occurs.

It’s also worth mentioning that we (in OpenStreetMap) have no control over what you see on Facebook’s websites and in Facebook’s apps, although they use OSM data (arguably without the required accreditation that indicates they should provide). Some of the maps they show are primarily based on OSM data, some primarily on other data. What you get depends on where you are, what you are looking for, how far away it is and what you’re looking at (website or phone app, and of course different phone apps are different). “Facebook” here of course includes Instagram and the other Facebook companies.

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