kilometer charge for trucks in OSM


When I look at germany i see that all the ‘Maut’ roads are part of the OSM data. Is there a reason the kilometer charge roads are not indexed in OSM? Perhaps I could start to add them, but is the toll:hgv=yes tag enough? Or is there a reason why we wouldn’t want to add this data?

I’m not sure if there’s sources where you can get a precise marking of which parts are or aren’t included.
The PDF maps here are well… rather vague if you ask me.

I see no particular reason to NOT included it, but usually openstreetmap is about ‘mapping what’s there’. Speed limits etc, can all be deduced from what you SEE in the field. Same for weight limitations etc, which are marked with signs. For this particular parameter, I don’t know if there’s actual signage or visual indicators?

your suggested tag seems to work. HGV should be 3.5t and over, which matches our restrictions.


So I guess it’s been added, though I’ve not verified accuracy/detail.

Hi guys,

by chance saw your post here. I just added the HGV tags for Belgium recently according to the standard. Not all changes appeared in OSM - had an issue with JOSM. New topic will appear as soon as moderator accepts it.

Hope you could participate there.