Keypad-Mapper 3 translation

Hello Greek OSM community

Keypad-Mapper 3 is a highly effective OSM Android app for mapping house numbers and addresses.
Details can be found here:

In approx. 5 weeks we are planning to launch a new version that will support mapping of POIs as well.

Along with the launch of the new version we would like to make the app available in many more languages and therefore need OSM members that can do the translation.
The following languages are currently supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek, German, Polish, Dutch.
Unfortunately our Greek translator is not avail at the moment, therefore we need someone else with Greek mothertongue.

Thank you very much for your support!

Cheers Markus
OSM: Markus59

Hi Markus.
Is there any online translation server, or you have to send the strings.xml?


Hi Yannis,

thank you very much for offering your collaboration to support the localization of Keypad-Mapper 3!

Keypad-Mapper 3 is using a pretty sophisticated way to maintain the translations:
it is connected to a central database located on one of our servers. Changing the content of this database affects immediately all Keypad-Mapper 3 users that are using the changed text resources.
In addition the same database and Keypad-Mapper 3 also support central provision of all graphics items like for ex. the icons used inside the app.
Currently localization of such icons is not necessary, but the next version will have features that require graphics localization as well.

Changing the resources is password protected.
I´ll send the details to your email address later today.

Pls note that also a Greek wiki page is not yet existing.
I´d highly appreciate if somebody of the Greek community would be willing to provide such a translation.
May be you could further promote this issue in the Greek community. Since I do neither know the main communication ways in your area nor the language, this would be really very helpful for Keypad-Mapper 3!

Thank you very much for supporting Keypad-Mapper 3!