Hello, I wanted to know if the key: wikimedia_commons can be added to any type of mapped object. For example, I could add it for a school, for a peak, but also for a barrier type (for example to make the understanding of what the barrier is like more immediate). In practice, is it never a mistake to add this key? Finally, if I add the key: wikimedia_commons, the key: immage is not necessary? I guess it might be redundant … Thanks

It can be added to any mapped object, but there needs to be an image of that particular object (not just the general type of object) on Wikimedia Commons.

And since both the wikimedia_commons and image keys can be used to link images on Commons, there is a significant redundancy.

Thanks Tordanik.
Of course, first I’ll upload the real image of the mapped object to wikimedia_commons (not generic images).
I will only use the key: wikimedia_commons, without adding the key: immage (redundant).
Thank you

You can add wikimedia_commons=* to any physical object.
You can add both wikimedia_commons=* and image=. When I add wikimedia_commons=, I usually add direct link to the image in image=*.

Thanks maro21.
Probably the examples I saw on the map are wrong: I see key wikimedia_commons=* and image=* of the same object, linked to the same web page (image=* does not lead to the direct image).
If the link wikimedia_commons=* leads to the page with the image and your data, while the link image=* leads to the page with only the image… then I understand the redundancy.

Would be good to use wikimedia_commons just for additional image categories on Commons.

In theory, if the object already has a wikipedia or wikidata key, Commons will be useless. I can see the wikimedia_commons key well in the absence of other images, and only if the image representing the object will be useful.

They don’t have to be wrong. It’s not forbidden to add a non-direct link to the photo in image=. I wrote how I do it. Direct link to the image is good to create a map with images like this or
but non-direct link sometimes give us information about the author and license.

Thank you Maro21.
I didn’t say it’s wrong to add a key image; I just wanted to say that if I put an image with the wikimedia_commons key, then add a second image (maybe the same) using the image key, it is simply redundant and useless.