Key Value Pairs for OSM Notes

Several mapper are asking for filter criteria for OSM Notes. My experience with Open Street Bugs and my personal reaction in bug fixing leads me to support this request.

I suggest to do this in the flexible way, we have experience with:

Tagging with Key Value Pairs

I think mapper needs only this mechanism. This mechanism is a key success factor for the dynamic in OpenStreetMap, and it will be a basic for an infrastructure to let grow an „ecological system“ of tools on.

Of course the user interface to anonymous mapper should be as simple as possible (as it is), but mapper reviewing Notes can add additional information and filter the notes afterwards. The community will decide which criteria is relevant or not.

I have a more visionary use case for this pairs regarding quality assurance, i will post in another topic

(mapper from germany, if interested see german forum topic:

Reference to the quality improvement suggestion: