Katovice open data layers

Dear Polish community,

It looks like the two open data layers that we have for Katovice don’t work anymore:



The url for the server redirects to http://emapa.katowice.eu/jarc-gui/

While failing to find a replacement wm(t)s there, I noticed that the terms and conditions at http://emapa.katowice.eu/jarc-gui/views/mszkiip/MSZ-KIIP-Regulamin.xhtml don’t really seem to allow drawing from this data anyway - at least from my limited understanding of it through Google translate.

Can you please help? Otherwise I will have to drop the layers from the OSM Editor Layer Index and JOSM.

Addresses has changed, new wms server address:
http://emapa.katowice.eu/arcgis/services/MSZ_WG_WMS_ZEW/MapServer/WMSServer? - buildings etc.
http://emapa.katowice.eu/arcgis/services/orto2016/MapServer/WMSServer? - orto
As I know nothing changed, data is still open.