Karnataka Thread

Here’s the link to the census of India details of Karnataka’s taluks


Would be useful in mapping the boundaries as well


PWD Karnataka’s website… rich with official road classification and boundaries


It also has a useful Openstreetmap overlay so one can check what places are wrongly placed or missing.

Remembered to post it here now.! Its been great work all these years. As Arun said, you guys going crazy with mouse.!! :slight_smile:

A simple animated GIF created using Mapolution with fully history extract of India showing the evolution of OpenStreetMap(only roads) in Karnataka from nothiing in 2007 to what it is now.

Karnataka roads mapolution

KPWD seems to have been updated their Road information system -

Latest years from the drop-down can be seen.

If any one is interested in naming and tracing the rivers and tributaries of the coast of Karnataka…


here’s a PhD study of the rivers (part thereof)

This is useful. :slight_smile:

If any one is interested in mapping the rivers and streams of North Canara district

Here’s a link


Also, used this to map the national park and wildlife sanctuary:



Here is a document with details of the upcoming Pavagada Solar Park.

Anyone interested can help map it