JSOM and additional project

I’m looking for Geo project with similar capabilities as JSOM (drawing their own maps)

Can I use JSOM as add-on for commercial project.
JSON allows you to commercial use, if you have the permission GPLv2.

or (if it impossible)

Can I use my own JSOM modifications shared on the GPL to an existing commercial application?

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Did you mean JOSM as in Java OpenStreetMap Editor?

You can use the software for whatever purpose you like. It’s free software. Openstreetmap data can be reused for commercial purposes as well, as long as a mention is made that it came from the Openstreetmap contributors.

You cannot, however, include the source code of JOSM in another project that’s not released under the same license once again. So you cannot reuse the source code in a commercial project.


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Yes JSOM = Java OpenStreetMap Editor.

I have a project written in Java and the source code is a based on closed license.
I cannot change it.

But it also needs a GML map editor.

If I written an additional external application written under the GPL license (JSOM based modification),
which would communicate with an existing application. It is license violation?

If they are two separate programs, which invoke one another or interact, the licenses can be independent

Please not that the name is JOSM and not JSOM. OSM is short for Openstreetmap.