JOSM Wood multipolygon can not add inner multipolygon outlines.


Map a large wood and map the inner areas. One inside area is large and comprises different parts of farmland, orchard meadow using the. The outline is mapped then cut up to use outline members as member parts of the farming lands. AFTER, select the inner outline member and the woodland outline to update the multipolygon relation with Crt+Shft+B. Does not work. Only after removing the large inner outline members from the farming relations could the could the large inner outline be made part of the woodland MP as inner.

Example of wood area:
Inside multipolygon farmland relation that could not be made inner afterwards:

It’s well conceivable the a large enveloping woodland is mapped around an already existing farming area to the point where mapping an enveloping outline of it all is truly uninviting highly laborious. The question being how this is achievable without having to resort to having to remove all the inside MP relations.

Hi, The farmland multipolygon is made of two outer sections (Way: 1096924083 and Way: 1096924045), only one of those sections, (Way: 1096924083) is in the wood area multipolygon. I think if the other farmland section, (Way: 1096924045) is added to the wood multipolygon as an inner it should then be OK.

It’s easier and less complicated if where possible the areas like that farmland are not multipolygons, just simple polygons.