JOSM windows start script with no external dependencies

I’ve made a Windows JOSM start script that does not require any external programs (curl, wget, etc) to run.

  • checks if Java is installed and if not opens a download page
  • checks if you are using the latest version and downloads one if not
  • sets up Java to use OEM codepage to print to console (Russian and other non-english windows users with OEM CP != ANSI CP will see normal text in console)
  • supports JRE installed to non-standard paths
  • does not provide feedback on update check process, so wait at least 30 seconds after you start it (you can see more if right-click then choose “Open with Command Prompt”)
  • stores local version in separate file instead of getting it from jar file

Just save it somewhere and start the file, it will download JOSM to the same folder it is started from.

You are free to use, modify, distribute or forget about it :slight_smile:

Changed the script to be HTA application, now it has some kind of interface.
Unzip to the folder where you want to have JOSM installed, then just run josm-get.