JOSM validation: Crossing ways - What to do?


A road crosses railway tracks underneath it.

Road Way - 51774883

JOSM validator warned about “Crossing ways”.

The road goes underneath and the trains go above and this is not a level crossing. How shall mark this “crossing ways”? Should I be using level=0 for road and 1 for railways?


I think this topic should be posted in the Editors section. My bad.

Hi Srihari
I think the problem might be that the eastern rail line does not have the bridge extended back to where the road crosses underneath.

In general when 2 OSM-ways cross you have the following options

  • the share a common node, this means they cross at the same level and you can navigate from one way to the other
  • one is above via a bridge construction, this one should get the tags bridge=yes, layer=1
  • one is below the other via a tunnel, this one should get tunnel=yes, layer=-1

It does not matter whether the ways represent roads, railways or waterways.

The levels have to be adapted when multiple roads cross each other with bridges at different heights

– Edited: PHerison pointed out that I made a mistake in the tags. In order to avoid problems with readers that do not see his comment, I decided to change my mistake.

You mean “layer” not “level”.

The problem Srihari Thalla raised seems to be fixed now

Thanks for the help!

@nevw Yes, there was no bridge tag! I’m glad it’s fixed now.

@escada Thanks for the info!

@PHerison Yes, it’s “layer”!

Thanks to BCNorwich for fixing the issues!