JOSM Updates now shown on map

I have made edits using OSMand, exported (OSC) and tuned up in JOSM (latest version) and when I upload them, they show up on OSM search ( but not visually on the standard map (they show up on Humanitatian). The problem is I’m adding (through presets) things like restaurants and shops which usually show in standard. What is the correct way to proceed and how to do it in JOSM?


The problem is that there are a lot of shops and amenities in a small area. The map can only show a few of them. This is an automatic process on which you have no influence. But this should not stop you from mapping them, nor should you start moving the nodes in the hope to show them. It’s up to they guys writing the software to create the map to decide what is important to show.

The interesting thing is that if I do the upload directly from OSMand, they show on Standard. But now that I have started tweaking on JOSM they go on Humanitarian…

I’ll start a new topic on this. I think its a JOSM vs OSMand issue.

No, as explained by escada, it’s a rendering issue. The data is successfully being uploaded, but the number of densely-packed objects means only some of them can be displayed. Each renderer will have its own rules about what type of objects are displayed, and with what priority, so that’s why you’ll see different things showing up in the Standard vs. Humanitarian renderings.