JOSM tagging presets

I have used “Better presets for Ways” ( just because it claims to be “better”. Unfortunatly, the site has vanished so I haven’t had any presets for a while.

The “Reset” button reverted my preferences to “Internal Preset” (resource://data/defaultpresets.xml). However, this setting does not produce any working presets either. I can’t figure out where this “resource” location is supposed to be – there is no “data” folder under my C:\JOSM.


  1. Where can I find a working set of presets for higways etc?

  2. After I customize these presets, how can I tell JOSM to use the file on a local disk? (Would something like file://C:\JOSM\mypresets.xml work?)

Responding to my own question: I found the default preset file at:

Finally I can have tunnels with default layer -1 and one-click unnamed secondary_link highways with oneway=yes. Nothing is “better” than that!

Btw, I found out why the presents had disappeared:

  • The “Presets” menu option is always grayed out when there JOSM has just started and there are no data layers (this seems odd).

  • The toolbar buttons for preset folders had disappeared when the “better” preset site vanished, and I had to redefine them manually (the end result is better than the original, of course).

I also found out that the “better” presets were not so good; the standard presets are more complete (only highway=secondary_link was missing).