[JOSM] Show track elevation, and let user split track into sub-tracks?


To plan bike trips, I’d like to split a single track into multiple segments based on elevation.

Is there a way to have JOSM diplay the track’s elevation at the bottom of the screen à la GpsPrune, and let me split the track by right-clicking on any point à la (deadware) Gps Track Editor?

I couldn’t find a single application that could do all this, at least on the desktop.

Thank you.

GPX Editor can do this. https://static.knackes.com/soft/GpxEditor/01.03.46/GPX_Editor010346.zip

I looked at GPX Editor before asking. I find no way to slice the track at a location. The items in the main menu bar are also greyed out.

There are buttons with a knife icon, or right click on the height profile and use Point->Cut here

They are enabled after I add a waypoint, but after that, I can’t figure out how to slice the track into sub-tracks like in GTE. There’s no help file.

Hm, when I cut with the knife tool I have two … sections in the gpx file. Maybe you want something different like two separate gpx files?
For my own planning I cut a single (long) gpx into pieces of ~X km. I’ve modified the source of a small program called GpxSplitter to do that. Each piece is saved as a new *.gpx file, e.g. plan-1.gpx, plan-2.gpx, …
See https://wiki.samat.org/GpxSplitter
Edit: Sorry, wrong link. Probably this one is about the program that I meant: https://github.com/AntoCuc/GpxSplitter
Edit2: The knife buttons seem to be disabled when you activate the OpenStreetMap view. They are enabled in the Preview.

Found it: You have to right-click in the altitude window at the bottom, NOT on the track on the map.

I wanted to slice a track into sub-tracks, based on 1) distance, 2) elevation, and 3) housing, so it had to be done manually. A bike day with high elevation has to be shorter than one with a flat road.

One useful feature found in GTE that GPX Editor is missing, is displaying each segment in a different color.

Two more questions, since GPX Editor’s online forum seems gone for good (Dec 2020):

  1. In GPX files, what’s the difference between and ?
  2. Is there a way to change the language UI in Gpx Editor?

  1. A single can contain multiple . Typically each segment contains a sequence of recorded points, while there can be large gaps between two segments. When I use “reset trip data” on my Garmin Oregon it creates a new segment.
  2. I don’t think that GPXEditor supports different languages.

Thanks. I’ll read up about the differences between trkseg and trk to have multiple… parts into a GPX file.

It does (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian), but it might be hard-coded to use Windows’ Regional setting.

Another feature missing from GPX Editor: It doesn’t show the distance from the start (of the track/selection):

Too bad the author chose Delphi instead of eg. Python, so more developers could contribute.

For those looking for the same thing: Java application GpsPrune lets you select part of a track (“range”) and see the climb + descent.

Unlike Gps Track Editor and GPX Editor, it seems unable to slice a track into multiple sub-tracks, though — it can only crop the currently selected range, and dump the rest.