JOSM: show only Icon when no other defintion exists

hi !

i want to create a icon that only should be view when there is no other icon-defintion for this tag.

but independent of priority =10000 or priority = 0 or priority = -10000 the icon will show everytime.

the last way i craete a single present-File with this source and put it at the last position of present-files.

→ the icon will show everytime even ex. amenity = recycling will define.

is there anyway to the target ??

regards Jan :slight_smile:

Putting the following at the bottom of elemstyles.xml, it works for me as intended.

<condition k="lastcheck"/>
<icon annotate="true" src="lastcheck.png" priority="-10000"/>

hi !

thanks - but this edit is to do after every update ! isn’t it ?

reagards Jan :slight_smile: