JOSM shortcut to "Cheat Sheet"

Found one 2016 topic making mention of the JOSM Cheat Sheet to an external page. The question is: Is there a cheat sheet that can be directly called from within JOSM? On the old forum one mapper pointed me to the linked sheet and the ID Editor edit mode shortcut of Shift+? (really works). Just can’t believe that this 7 years later has not evolved into something of direct access. Doubtlessly another ‘too simple’ for me, tried Ctrl+Space bar and type shortcut but hitting a blank.



The help page about keyboard shortcuts is here: Shortcuts – JOSM

It links to the same cheat sheet.

The main help page (F1 › home button) links to the keyboard shortcuts at the very bottom.

If you think there should be a more direct way to access it, you could create a new ticket in the JOSM issue tracker?

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The mentioned ID editor Shift+? is inert in JOSM so for the sake of promoting working compatibility AND make transitioning from ID to JOSM. Latter seemed to have 7.9% usage last I looked, recent posts mentioning 3.1K users yet representing 58% of production, even getting 0.1% moving over has a major mapping increase. Sure know that mine went up big time certainly after discovering the F(ollow) trace key, the Ctrl+Shft+V to just copy tags from the previous object outlined to the next of the same make, not to speak of expanding/correcting a simple polygon area by mapping the additional area, Shift selecting the area to expand and hitting Shift+J for instant merging truly spun up the system for me.

Yes, with the vacant Shift+? combo to get at the shortcut listing, at least on my system, it might be worth a ticket.



+1, but remember it is a wiki.
If you look for an automatically created list, see DevelopersGuide/ShortcutsList – JOSM