JOSM setting - drawing lines

Hey there,

I think there might be some obvious and quick setting somewhere in JOSM that’s allow me to do exactly what I’d like to do, but I haven’t found it yet and searching online and on here hasn’t brought up anything either…
Since I installed JOSM on my new PC, the tool for creating new ways and points behaves differently. When I click in an empty spot, a point is created; however, when I now move the cursor to a different location to make a new point and create a line, there isn’t any red “connection” line showing up. I have to place the second (and all following) point “blindly”, and only when the next point is actually set the respective connecting segment also show up.
Quite a wordy explanation, but could you give me a quick hint how I can restore the old behavior? I found it much more handy :§
Thanks a lot!