JOSM selecting way but not the nodes. How?

I’m am trying to set maxspeed tags on ways. I would like to do this for a whole area because maxspeed is the same for all these streets. I can use a Filter (such as : Highway) and then select all ways (e.g. bij CTRL+A or drag the mouse). If I do this I do not only select the ways but also all the nodes that make up these ways. I do not want to set Maxspeed for these nodes but just for the ways. Is there a handy way to just select all these ways without selecting the nodes?

If you want to remove the nodes and relations from the current selection and only keep the ways, you can use the search term (Ctrl+F)

selected type:way
  1. Select all objects of the area by dragging the mouse.

  2. Find “type:way highway selected” will select all ways with the tag highway of the selected objects.

Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for.

Cheers PeeWee

Ctrl+F is clumsy. By default I only want to select ways by dragging over an area with the mouse. How can I do that?

Use a filter to hide the nodes.

This josm plugin has a ‘unselect nodes’ function plus many other useful tools