JOSM select only object (not nodes) with selection rectangle

Is there a way to simply select all objects in an area by using the selection rectangle?
Right now it always selects all objects + all nodes. I then have to press Shift + U (no easy keyboard shortcut) to deselect the nodes.

Is there a trick to skip this, by maybe holding down one button while releasing the left mouse button or dragging the rectangle from down to up or right to left or something like that?

I need it for validating HOT tasks where I want to check if all buildings are tagged building=yes at one glance.


When I am tracing buildings I usually draw all the geometry without adding any tags as that slows me down. When I’ve done all the tracing I use the find command in JOSM with a search string of “new tags:0-0 nodes:3-”. This gets me all the new objects consisting of three or more nodes with no tags on them. (I assume that a build must have at least three nodes.)

If the area has already been uploaded (no longer new) and you are doing QA, then a string like “nodes:3- -(building=)" will get you all the objects made up of three or more nodes that don’t have a building tag. You might want to extend that to something like "nodes:3- -(building=) -(highway=*)” to exclude highways too.

You could use a filter e.g.“type:node” or more advanced if you would like to exclude e.g. streets too

In addition to n76’s filter, you could add inview or allinview.

I wish JOSM had search bookmarks…

It kind of has. enable expert moide. In the search window check “add toolbar button”. start search. the search will be placed as button in the toolbar.

(also there is the drop down list in the search window for “short time bookmarks”.)