JOSM: Select all nodes of a way

Anybody knows how to select all nodes of a way in JOSM (or Potlatch)?

Only as a workaround in JOSM :
Download only the way you want the nodes of, ctrl+A then ctrl+click on the way itself to remove it from selection.

There might me some smarter way, but hey, only does the result count right ?

The following should work in JOSM:

  • Select the way whose nodes you wish to select.

  • Click on “Search” in the selection tab.

  • In the search window, enter “child selected” (without the quotes).

  • Hit the search button.

Utilsplugin2: Select all nodes on ways. Now “E” shortcut works if only ways are selected (update please, I commited it today).
F12 - plugins tab - utilsplugin2.