JOSM select all nodes from ways with needed tag

I import some ways from OSM server (using taginfo ( → overpass turbo->export->josm)

This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
“"height"="64" global”
[out:xml]/*fixed by auto repair*/[timeout:25];
// gather results
  // query part for: “height=64”
// print results
out meta;/*fixed by auto repair*/
out meta qt;/*fixed by auto repair*/

In JOSM I need to get all nodes in ways which contain only height tag.
I select all ways in a map and then search needed tag like this: type:way height selected

Is that right? Thank you.

Nobody knows?

I don’t understand what exactly you want to select. Please try to explain again more precise.

I have updated the question.

Why do you use only “height” … and not “height=*” ?

And if you include “type:way” in your search query in JOSM , why selevting those ways manually before?

So when JOSM has finished the search, check the results via the dialog areas
like where you can see the tags of all result elements,


to make sure you have only ways selected.


So you have ways with

a) height and other tags
b) height ond no other tags

and you don’t want to select the ways, but only the waynodes of b)? Is this right?

What do you want to do with these nodes?

To select waynodes, install the plugin utilsplugin2 (, then you have a more advanced Selection menu, and choose “Select way nodes” there after you have selected your ways.

I got it. I do not need nodes i need all heights tag from all ways.

I want to fix them ex. “height=1m” should be “height=1 m” or “” should be “website=