JOSM routing plugin

Hello OSM community,

I found this routing plug in. I installed it in JOSM,
but when i try to use it, nothing happens. ???
I also found an email asking for the same question.
How does this plugin works? Is there another plugin that can find route from 1 node to another?

Thank you.

Welcome to the OSM community and the forum.

Start with an easy, short route. Try these steps:

  • Open a data layer.

  • Add a routing layer: click Routing, click Add routing layer.

  • Make it the active layer: green check box.

  • Add way points:

  • Click on the flag symbol with the plus sign on the left side of the screen to enable adding route points. Cursor changes to a plus sign.

  • Click on the destination node of the data layer which is in grey due to not being the active layer. A green flag is added at the position. The first flag may take a few seconds to appear. If nothing happens zoom in and aim more precisely.

  • Click on the start node in the same way. A red flag will appear at the start node.

  • The route, i.e. a thick red line with arrows is drawn in the routing layer.

  • Clicking another node will make the old start a way point (yellow flag) and the new node the start.

[/*] [*]Delete way points:
  • Click on the flag symbol with the minus sign on the left side of the screen to enable deleting route points. Cursor changes to a cross.

  • Click on the flag to be deleted.

  • The route will change accordingly.

[/*] [/list] Oneways seem to be ignored independent of the setting.


Long time ago when I tried this plug-in I realized that turn restrictions are not payed any attention, too.

And I would like to have another feature in that plug-in:

Choose start and destination for routing by random from all loaded nodes that are part of a drivable /wakable way in the data layer of JOSM. Is that possible at all?

What’s the purpose of such a feature? Perhaps the plugin Graphview might serve it already.

Actually, you are right. It does work.
I used it on a big map and it took quite a while
to solve it, I thought it got stuck, but no, it actually works.

Thank you.