JOSM: relative timestamp search (objects older/younger than x)

JOSM search supports absolute timestamp searches like “timestamp:/2019” meaning “timestamp of last edit before 2019-01-01.0.” How about relative searches, i.e., to find objects older/younger than some number of days/years/microseconds? I don’t seem to see that capability, but maybe I’m overlooking something? It would be useful, and it would be easy to implement (I guess).

My immediate use case is the JOSM validator. I’ve set up a validator.mapcss file that throws warnings at objects that may be outdated on OSM ( The timestamp search is out-sourced to JOSM like “[JOSM_search(“timestamp:/2019”)]”. Hard-wiring the date into the code strikes me as undesirable; it means I have to update the file every year or so for trivial reasons. Surely there must be a more elegant way?

Obviously, a solution that works in straight mapcss instead of JOSM search is fine by me.

No replies. I take this to mean that JOSM doesn’t currently have this capability. I’ve opened a feature request: