JOSM: Relation members sorting

Howdy doody!

I got a bus route relation, with a bunch of bus stops as members. Do I need to add the bus stops sequentially next after another or

can I add them at the highway section where I find them, then click sort (so that those bus stops are grouped together again)?

Trying to eliminate the add highway sections, meet a bus stop, scroll up the relations list, insert bus stop, scroll back to end of highway list, add another highway section and so on.

Hoping that the sort function is intelligent enough to sort the bus stops in order along the route.


news! :wink:

found out that JOSM does sort the items according to their correct position along the route. Although I prefer the sorted bus stops to be lumped together ahead of the highway segments (easier to see gaps), this is just great.

Sorting route relations, especially public transport ones, might be even better work with the “pt_assistant” plugin.