JOSM: problems with ImageImport plugin

Hi folks,

very recently after upgrading to version 6115, I cannot import any georeferenced images anymore as the menu item that used to be under “file” is missing. I have already deleted the plugin directory, than deleted the JOSM directory completely, but still the same. No recent activity on the plugin’s wiki page AFAIS.

Has anyone else had trouble with the plugin lately?

I now found “Import Image” under the “Imagery” plugin.

But it is now unable to read my test .TIF image projection type of “Engineering CRS”, which used to work.

Mike, thanks for that hint. I quickly went through the other menu dropdowns but must have overlooked it.

I do not work with tifs, but I am also unable to open jpg files with associated jgw which used to work as well.

The error message is about “unexpected error situation the plugin ImageImportPlugin might have caused”. Is the behaviour similar with your tif file?

That’s the same error I get as well. I don’t see a TRAC filed yet - I may file one this weekend if I get time.

Note that this plugin should not be used for the Aerowest-Images, since that will result in a slightly different location (about two meters). I guess the same would happen for other georeferenced Images.
If that’s your use-case please re-ask in the german area, since I don’t know more about it, just made this mistake myself :wink:

Well misalignment is one thing (which I was not aware of either, I’ve often used the plugin to load Aerowest images in the past), but complete failure is still different I think.

True, but imho it’s better that it doesn’t work at all (so no one can accidentally use misaligned imagery without even noticing). Just wanted to ensure you know about those problems.

I can’t find any documentation stating misalignment issues with the ImageImportPlugin. Where has it been discussed and/or is there a trac ticket existing?

I just opened a ticket: (There was a similar report appended to ).

I just reread the topic about the Aerowest-Images: If I uderstood it correctly it is possible to do it correctly with the ImageImport-Plugin, but it’s also easy to do it wrong. See i.e. this and the following three postings (in german).

As I understand these, you would need to use the correct projection in order to use Aerowest images, but that’s not really a bug in the plugin, nor is a restricted to the ImageImportPlugin. You will need to change the default projection with the currently recommended PicLayer plugin just as well.

Thank you! I hope it is still under active development.