JOSM presets for Thailand


Great. retired their service without telling me.

If the presets suddenly stop working for you: That’s the reason.

I’ll look for a replacement, but most likely it will not be before the weekend to have a replacement up. I consider moving to a self-hosted system which I can control and which won’t suddenly be retired.

Meanwhile you can get a working version of the presets here:

Be aware that this link does not provide automatic updates. So as long as it is not broken for you, better wait a few more days until I have a stable link back which then will also provide updates.


Please use the following URL for the presets in JOSM:

I maintain a forwarding so it will always point to the correct download location. Wherever it will be.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have done that from the beginning and not rely on 3rd party websites.

Thanks, Stephan.

I use these frequently but hadn’t really noticed how much I rely on them in my day-to-day mapping until they stopped working.