JOSM Plugin photo-geotagging version 29435 "seriously mess up exif"

There is a warning against this plugin in the wiki

My browsers report that the reference ( is suspect

Does anyone know what the situation is regarding this add-on which I have used in the past but not in the last year.
Alternatively is there a good alternative.


I don’t know if that’s true or not, I’ve never used that plugin myself.
There is nothing wrong with, it is the proper JOSM website. It does use a self-signed certificate, but that does not mean it is suspect. You can tell your browser to ignore that. See

There is plenty of other software for geotagging photos. Depends on what OS you are using.
If using Windows, I recommend Geosetter.
Or Gpicsync.
Or probably Microsoft Pro Photo Tools.

These will save the coordinates in the EXIF tags, so you can then load the photos in JOSM, and they will show on the map.

That’s likely nothing serious: It simply means that they’re using a SSL-Certificate which is issued by themself. Otherwise they would have to pay some money to “Certificate Authorities” every year without any improval to the connections security. When confirming that you want to continue anyway you could check if the certificate’s MD5-Fingerprint is “52:B6:3C:A8:97:70:C0:4C:45:65:DF:24:1D:BD:47:9B” to be extra sure. For further informations about this have a look at the Wikipedia-Articles about CAs and TLS.

This warning was added by the user, who reported the bug (I toned it down a little). It’s a problem specific to his camera model.

If the plugin worked for you in the past, then you are very likely not affected by this bug. (The plugin itself hasn’t changed much in the last year.) You can check the EXIF data after geotagging for one sample image, if you want to make extra sure, everything is alright.