JOSM: Plugin for easy circle-drawing

I’m looking for a JOSM plugin for easy circle-drawing. Like the plugin building_tools it should be able to draw a circle with just 3 clicks (on the circle-outline).
For the circle I would propose the rules:

  • a minimum of 12 nodes per circle
  • and a minimum of 1 node per meter

Who can help me? Thanks.

Not sure if it was added to my tools list by an extension or not, but there is a “Create Circle” under the tool menu that takes three selected nodes and generates a circle. I don’t see a way of telling it how many nodes to add though.

But that tool only moves already drawn Nodes towards a circle. Afaik there is no such tool (yet) and none planned (“OSM is not CAD”). I usually draw circles by drawing a lot of nodes approximately in a circle and press [O] several times, but wished to have such a tool as well.

Btw: You should rather set maximum-rules :wink: And how many nodes are needed would better be set by setting an acceptable angle, because count and distance clearly depend on the circle’s radius.

There are two circle tools, one moves existing nodes into a circle, the other takes three nodes, determines a circle from them and adds nodes to that circle.

That’s a nice idea!

Where? I can’t find such a tool.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

With createcircle.nodecount is is possible to increase the node number.

Suggestions for that static createcircle.nodecount - feature? 100?

From me too!

I think I’ll keep it at 8, because I’m adding more octagons than exact circles at the latter are easier with other tools than the former :wink:
But to “answer” your question: I just noticed I would even choose different values for the inside (i.e. 40) of a roudabout than for it’s outside (i.e. 64)…
Btw: 100 is the maximum. (which is imho too few for some real circles, though enough for the most common ones)